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Acoustic Signature Ascona Mk2


Product Description

Manufacturer's Description:

Our goal was achieved when we set out to design a new milestone in turntable performance, aiming for an ‘ultimate’ high mass turntable, but still elegant and stylish. The Ascona represents the full realization of that goal, a pinnacle of achievement and outcome of our 19 year in-house research, design and ultra-precision machining expertise. The Ascona story starts from the top down with the record platter; we know full well that the perfect turntable requires a resonant free platter rotating with perfect stability. Here are some of the many technical features and sections we machine that make the Ascona such an outstanding design. The chassis is milled out from a 2.6” thick block of aluminum and forms part of the integrated turntable ground plate.
Combined with the new platter the Ascona has a weight of 176 pounds. We grind the surfaces by hand, a lengthy but essential process to achieve a stunning perfection with a visual presentation to match.

The Design
The Ascona employs 30 small “Silencer’s” on the very outer diameter of the platter, requiring a platter diameter of nearly 13.8 inches to accomplish this. Inside the outer perimeter of silencers an additional 24 larger silencers are used for the main body of the platter. The tone arm mounting plates are fully adjustable to accommodate the mounting of any desired tone arm design, with a maximum of 3 tone arms permitted.

The drive System
The heart of the new ASCONA marries our very substantial Aluminum plinth measuring more than 2.5” thick with a 2” thick massive Aluminum platter measuring nearly 13.8” in diameter. These flawless components and exchangeable arm boards are matched to our unique Tidorfolon bearing, resulting in a perfect symhony of design and execution. This is further complimented with a new fully designed digital motor system - the Electronic Alpha DIG - which provides flawless speed stability and easy user interface. Standard is our integrated 3 motor system to drive the Ascona and your musical enjoyment to new places.

The Platter
The platter is fabricated from a very soft alloy to optimize its periodic resonance, and is coated on the lower face with resonant-damping material. The Silencer-Platter development target was clearly defined; total elimination of any resonance or vibration due to introduction of airborne or coupled acoustic energy. The result? Any introduction of vibrational energy is quickly reduced and the platter is immediately damped and quieted.

The Motor
We at Acoustic Signature believe that the motor system for a turntable should have enough force and inertial energy to obtain proper platter speed but not influence it during rotation. We reached that goal by using a European made Synchronous motor with our own State of the Art motor controller. Motors sit beside a cone-shaped sub-platter propelled by this 3-motor drive system. The round assembly surrounding the bearing prevents any tension so that it can run perfectly centered. The 3 internal drive motors run by its own electronic controller, called the AlphaDIG. It is a brand new design where fully digital output stages and a quartz locked technology is employed. It is impervious to the negative effects of mains voltage fluctuation and household appliances that produce a ‘noisy’ AC power source that normally can have a serious detrimental effect on the performance of AC drive motors.

Technical data

BEARING:  TIDORFOLON Bearing with Wolfram-Carbid-ball
MOTOR DRIVE:  3 motor flywheel
PLATTER:  50mm solid turntable platter made of aluminum
SPEED CHANGE:  with motor electronic  33 1/3 RPM  45 RPM
width 573mm
depth 489mm
high 214mm
176 lbs

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