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Black- Ultimate Amplification System


Product Description

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Manufacturer's Description:

Welcome to Black by Bel Canto, the Ultimate Amplification System.


Black is like no other audio system in the world. It is a uniquely integrated 3 chassis system that maintains signal source accuracy in the digital domain to the analog amplification section without loss or coloration.


Beautifully constructed from solid high grade billet aluminum, the modern look and feel of Black connects to all sources offering the highest level of flexibility and ease of use. Black creates an authentically present and naturally dimensional musical experience that will captivate you.


The ASC1 is the controller/master clock that manages all inputs, volume and system functions, Ethernet rendering, custom FIR filters and preforms the critical function of “getting the signal correct” from any source before it travels through the rest of the system. There are 3 ways to have complete control over the ASC1; manually by pressing and rotating the control dial on the top of the unit, the IR custom remote control, or with your iPhone/iPad and the iOS app.


The ASC1 provides a suite of digital and analog inputs including Ethernet and USB2.0.



The MPS1 receives the ST Fiber signal and asynchronously re-clocks the data into the fully balanced advanced segment DAC measuring below 0.0005% distortion and 130dB of dynamic range. The DAC output then goes through 2 fully balanced discrete class A analog amplifier stages. The DAC section is connected with a 3cm silver ribbon cable into the custom Bel Canto NCORE buffer with high current output of 40amp peaks into a 2 ohm load.


Each MPS1 uses WBT vibration isolated NextGen speaker connectors and a control switch that selects the input method and another switch to name the monoblock the right or left channel. Colored LEDs indicate lock and channel allocation.


The Ingenuity of Black by Bel Canto

Black is a highly-optimized audio system that communicates the most subtle detail in a recording. Black has the synergy of integration and the optimization of separates, creating one system to bring out the clarity and naturalness in music. Designed and manufactured by Bel Canto in Minneapolis Minnesota, the Black system delivers an unparalleled level of sonic realism. We invite you to take a look inside.


The Technology of Black

The Black system architecture incorporates the most advanced digital and analog audio technologies and a series of unique electronic and mechanical design solutions aimed at preserving the delicate audio signals. Black’s bold design isolates source and DSP processing in the ASC1, creating an ideal signal transfer to the MPS1 monoblocks where digital conversion and amplification takes place in an optimized environment. Each innovation in Black adds up to create an audible experience that is simply remarkable.


Bel Canto's Ultra-Low Noise (ULN) Masterclock Circuitry

The mission of Black’s ULN Masterclock circuitry is to flawlessly re-time the digital audio signal, removing any jitter related digital noise before being sent to the MPS1s for final conversion to analog.


This achievement lies at the heart of Black's ASC1. Noise levels on the ULN Masterclock are so incredibly low they are measured in mere femtoseconds. The ULN Masterclock achieves less than 40 femtoseconds (0.000000000000040 seconds) RMS phase noise from 100 Hz to 1MHz. This is 100-1000 times lower than typical clocks.

The Bel Canto ULN Masterclock is critical to achieving the highly organic audio experience.


High Speed 64 bit Modular Audio Processor Core

The ASC1’s 64 bit Digital Signal Processor Core provides complete control over all signal processing functions with optimal control of volume, balance, input selection, custom FIR filters, and all asynchronous interfaces without computational compromise. Using a powerful dedicated signal processor provides the most versatile and accurate way to handle system functions.


Custom Asynchronous Interfaces

Asynchronous Interfaces are used on all of ASC1 Controller inputs. This allows the ULN Masterlock to strip any jitter and noise from the digital signal before it is sent to the MPS1 monoblocks. Black uses dedicated asynchronous processors for the USB2.0, Ethernet UPnP/DLNA, and unique asynchronous circuitry for the AES/SPDIF/ST Fiber and TOSLINK inputs to ensure optimum performance from all inputs.


Proprietary FIR Filters

Bel Canto FIR filters provide subtle sound contours for a truly natural sound quality. This is critical for 16/44.1 CD playback. CD playback is remarkably engaging and competes with any high resolution source when played through the Black system.

There are 3 selectable custom filters that allow the listener to control playback to their tastes, using last octave roll-off to create a more natural decay. These subtle filters adjust the shape of the waveform to more accurately mimic the natural sonic structure of music. Black is designed to bring recordings to life, the design process being constantly informed by regular experience with live music.


Filter 1: minimum phase filter- flat to 20Khz with minimal pre-ringing

Filter 2: minimum phase filter- -3dB at 20Khz with less pre-ringing

Filter 3: minimum phase filter- -9dB at 20Khz with least pre-ringing


High Performance Asynchronous Audio Renderer


Black also provides the best possible Networked audio experience. Black’s unique UPnP/DLNA Ethernet Interface is a superior Asynchronous implementation, receiving the critical audio clocks derived from the Bel Canto ULN Masterclock circuit. This ensures the best sound quality from a Networked Audio System. The custom software is running on a powerful Analog Devices Blackfin processor that provides a reliable interface without the use of internal computers. The IP addressable input is easy to setup and seamlessly decodes DSD and PCM to 24/192 for the highest quality audio streaming.


StreamLink High Speed Glass Fiber Interconnects

The Black system uses a unique ST glass fiber interface between the ASC1 and the MPS1 monoblocks, completely eliminating any electrical connection between the front end sources and the sensitive analog processing. This high-speed, no-loss, no-noise signal transfer is non-interactive and completely eliminates ground loops and noise artifacts that can occur in cables and I/O circuitry. This provides maximum flexibility for component placement. Whether the cable is 1 meter or 1000 meters, there is no signal degradation. The StreamLink digital connection is the perfect path from the ASC1 to the MPS1 monoblocks.



True High Dynamic Range to the Speaker

The MPS1 monoblocks are highly integrated mono DACs and amplifiers creating the ideal digital conversion and the shortest analog path to the loudspeaker maintaining true high dynamic range.


We achieve this with the following:

Asynchronous Interface with Bel Canto Ultra-Low Phase Noise (ULN) Masterclock

Custom Bel Canto Discrete Analog Stages

Ultra-Low Distortion High Drive 250mA Gain Stage

Ultra-Low Noise High Speed Current to Voltage Stage

No Capacitors in the signal path

Ultra-Low Noise, Ultra-Low Distortion Bel Canto Custom nCore Power Buffer Stage

128dB Dynamic Range, <0.001% Distortion


Asynchronous Interface and ULN Masterclock

Asynchronous Interface and ULN Masterclock


Each MPS1 monoblock has a final asynchronous interface with its own ULN Masterclock located adjacent to the DAC. This ensures that the DAC Masterclock maintains its pristine quality. No clock noise means no analog signal compromise.


Bel Canto Discrete Analog Stages

Bel Canto High Speed Discrete Analog conversion stages convert the current output from the dual mono DACs. This stage is optimized for low distortion and noise. Each of these stages is fully balanced with the finest custom bulk metal foil resistors. Our Discrete analog stages provide highly dynamic music playback.


Custom Discrete NCORE Power Stage

The final stage before the loudspeaker output is a custom fully discrete NCORE low-gain power buffer built to Bel Canto specifications. This delivers up to 1200 watts into the speaker without adding noise or distortion.

This stage can deliver 40 amps peak. Black’s high purity, vibration isolated WBT NextGen speaker connectors complete the delivery of pristine audio to the Black’s loudspeaker output.


Solid Billet, Constrained-Layer Chassis

Vibration and energy control is always a concern with high performance audio. Black’s solid billet high-grade aluminum chassis with constrained layer damping design coverts energy into heat, dissipating it into the aluminum body while maintaining a constant internal temperature optimal for the high precision clocks and devices within. This unique design maintains low noise within the audio playback environment. The custom adjustable Delrin isolation/mounting feet provide optimum stability and low energy transfer.


Optimized AC Power Pre-conditioner

AC power noise could easily compromise an audio system. We designed Black with AC power pre-conditioning circuitry that delivers clean, high-energy DC power to the main power supply circuitry. The main supply provides a higher level of conditioning and isolation from home electrical noise. High energy storage, low noise, and high isolation from AC effects means Black can achieve the best performance under various power conditions.


Interface – Remote, Control Wheel, iOS

The Black System can be controlled by the ASC1's multi-function control wheel on top of the chassis. This allows you to control volume and input as well as access the programmable menu. You can also use the custom metal IR remote for full system control, or use the iOS downloadable app for a visual display on your phone or tablet with full system control. This is ideal for controlling your system without line of sight.




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