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Eclipse TD M1 Speaker System


Product Description

M1 Speaker System

Our pricing for this product is the "MAP Pricing."  This means that the prices shown here are the "minimum advertised prices" permitted by the manufacturer. 

Manufacturer's Description:

High End Audio Made Simple

Enrich your listening experience with immediacy, musicality and accuracy, unmatched by stereo systems costing many multiples more... 


At A Glance

*   Wireless music playback
*   Simple installation
*   Stereo soundstage allows you to locate all of the musicians in your favorite band
*   Complete stereo sound system in a neat package, no need for extra amplifiers, cables or bulky accessories

*   AirPlay delivers wireless or wired music playback at high resolution (up to 24/192) from any computer or smart phone.
*    Enjoy quiet music in your office while you work in high-definition resolution. Even as low as 65dB, the music is still full and satisfying sounding, allowing one to take phone calls or chat with a colleague, without having to reach for the volume control.
*    Nearfield listening experience, just like the recording engineers who made your favorite album. The listening room's acoustics are pretty much dialed out of the equation.

*   The headphone experience without the headphones



Eclipse TD is a joint venture between Fujitsu and Toyota to deliver the most accurate & technologically advanced speaker systems ever to have been produced in Japan. Many Grammy award winning recording engineers swear by the remarkable resolution of the flagship TD-712z MK II monitors.  Over a decade of R&D in Time Domain technology has resulted in the debut of the TD-M1, the first active speaker system from Eclipse TD.

Key Features 

World-class, accurate sound with impeccable timing and utmost simplicity of operation translates to high-end musical enjoyment.  Electronics are built in to the base, with a 24/192kHz USB interface, an ultra low distortion, non-oversampling Digital Analog Converter (NOS-DAC), and a high efficiency Class D amp, all in a compact package.

*   Airplay both with and without Wi-Fi

*   Smart operation with touch sensors and LED indicators

*   One-touch speaker angle adjustment

*   Dedicated iPhone App for remote control - "Eclipse TD remote"

*   Two USB inputs, one analog input (1/8" mini RCA) & wireless Airplay over WiFi 

There are eight LEDs that indicate how loud the volume has been raised.  The LEDs are also used to indicate which input has been engaged. Touch sensors are used to raise the volume, either with the UP and DOWN arrows or from sliding from left to right to raise the volume. Similarly, sliding right to left between the arrows will decrease the volume. The power button also functions as the input selector, tap once for the first input.  Inputs, from the left  12v DC input, 1/8" mini RCA, USB A (for iPhone or iPad) USB B (computer) & WiFi antenna.

The speaker driver is decoupled from the cabinet and also decoupled from the anchor (the counterweight behind the driver). By eliminating cabinet resonances, it means that you hear the clearest music reproduction, as the cabinet is not singing along with the music.

The M1 are available in black or white; the grills are magnetically attached. 

1.   Custom Full Range Driver

The material for the drive unit has been selected to provide the optimum performance from the cone. It needs to be extremely light with great elasticity, combined with high radial rigidity. It is supported by a highly flexible surround and damping system in a magnetic circuit to provide precise piston movement.

2.   Magnetic Circuit

To make the most of the custom driver, it must be driven correctly by the magnet, which effectively the engine of the speaker. The ECLIPSE TD speakers incorporate a specially designed circuit to ensure a high magnetic flux density, creating a powerful magnet with an optimized voice-coil.

3.   Mass Anchor

A high mass, conical anchor weight has been placed on the back of the drive-unit magnet. This structure acts as a mass sink, which 'grounds' the drive-unit ensuring the ideal piston movement.

4.   Diffusion Stay

Colouration of sound reproduction will occur if the speaker cone is allowed to cause the speaker enclosure to vibrate. ECLIPSE TD speakers minimize this issue with a sophisticated 'diffusion stay' whereby the drive-unit is held in a floating mechanism so that no residual vibration can be transferred from the unit itself to the enclosure.

5.   Eliminating Vibrations & Acoustic Solutions

In order for its floating enclosure to be effective we have achieved an air-tight seal, whereby the drive-unit is sealed to the enclosure, eliminating the transmission of unwanted vibrations. This requires a permanent bond combined with a flexible coupling.

Egg-Shaped Form

The internal standing and diffraction waves generated at the front baffle edges are largely eliminated by adopting a rigid yet tactile egg-shaped form, in which no two radial surfaces are in the same plane.


Speaker units- 8cm cone, full range, glass fiber

Colors -Black, white

Type -Bass reflex

Playback Response -70Hz - 30kHz

Nominal output -20W (T.H.D: 1%) * single channel operation

Maximum output -25W (T.H.D: 10%) * single channel operation

Harmonic Distortion -0.08% (at 10W output, 1kHz)

S/N -Over 90dB

Output -Over 60dB

Inputs -Wi-Fi / USB B (PC/Mac), USB A (iPhone/iPod touch), analog (3.5mm stereo mini-jack)

Input sensitivity -950mVrms (at 20W output)

Input impedance -10kΩ

Power consumption -10W

Standby power consumption (network standby) -2.7W

Standby power consumption (full standby) -0.4W

Dimensions (mm) *speaker units -W 6.1" (155) × D 8.6" (219) × H 9.5" (242)

Weight (pair) -Approx. 12 lb. (5.3kg)

Accessories -Protective nets (2), AC adapter, power cord, antenna

AC adapter 

Input voltage -100V - 240V (50Hz/60Hz)

Output voltage -+20V

Output current -3.6A

Dimensions (mm) -W132×D54×H31

Weight -Approx. 1 lb. ( 0.4kg)


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