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Stillpoints ERS 8in x 11in Sheets


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ERS 8in x 11in Sheets



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Manufacturer's Description:

ERS (Emi & Rfi Supression) Fabric redirects, absorbs, & diffuses EMI/RFI frequencies.  The benefits of ERS for audio/video are best heard with digital circuits due to the RFI creating aspect of the circuitry itself.  Benefits of ERS can also be heard with AC power lines, signal cables, loudspeakers, & electronics of all types.

What's it made of?
The core of ERS is made of a blend of carbon fibers of various lengths & sizes.  Using a proprietary method, these fibers are coated with metals, such as nickel.  The exterior is laminated with a polyester textile on both sides to make the material easier to handle & use.   The edges of ERS does have exposed conductive fibers & should be handled & installed with care.  The electrical resistance of ERS is .026 ohms per square yard.  The polyester fabric will insulate the core of ERS, to some degree, but can be easily penetrated with shape edges.  Caution should be exercised when used in close proximity to circuitry.  ERS is treated to accept many lamination resins such as epoxy & polyester resins.

A simple demonstration of the potential effectiveness of ERS is to lay it near any digital circuitry.  For example, place ERS on top or underneath or at the sides of a CD player, DAC or digital amplifier.  Wrapping AC cables or placing ERS near any AC power strips will also quickly show its potential.  However, its effectiveness will be maximized when placed internally near either EMI/RFI generating or EMI/RFI susceptible circuitry within the enclosure.  The enclosure itself, traps on board generated EMI & RFI which ERS absorbs, deflects & diffuses.

ERS does not operate under the same principles as a shield thus it does not require grounding.

The amount of ERS used is component dependent & must be experimented with.  We have noticed that 100% coverage is not necessary.  Fine tuning may result in  very little material required.  Our general recommendation is to use just enough ERS to achieve the desired results.  Please note...In some analog circuits, the presence of EMI/RFI was tuned into the frequency response of the device.  Therefore, a minimal amount of ERS is recommended.

ERS can be used to reduce EMI/RFI emissions to aid in FCC and CE certification.

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