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Jena Labs Sequoia Sapling Power Conditoner


Product Description

Manufacturer's Description:

This premium Elite Series AC power conditioner does more than provide superior AC power conditioning via power line noise reduction.   It provides AC Power line protection from voltage surges and very fast acting lightning protection as well.

The Sequoia Sapling is ultimately designed to facilitate delivery of smoothed pure AC power to make your music, video, and any other use that will benefit from clean AC power, perform at their maximum potential. An Elite Series Product.

NEW -  PowerCon AC output version is in production now.
Jena Labs has just announced the additional option of Neutrik© PowerCon version of the Sequoia Sapling.

Why the name?  The Giant Sequoia is a tree, the greatest tree in existence.

With no known competitors in its space, very tough, resilient to all environmental adverse conditions. Its environment is harsh, yet it persists and thrives.

Its Ever lasting, Ever Green in its lushness and purity of purpose.  Our Sequoia Series is an honoring of what is in nature, just the most magnificent tree in the world.

The sapling of a sequoia is a direct lineage of its propagation.  

These AC Power Conditioners contain the essence of our Sequoia, yet grows in its own soil.

Important Note:
      All new units will have a new Chassis design, in the works now with an option to Rack mount as a design feature.
      All new units will have Magnetic Hydraulic Dual Circuit Breaker and power Switch.

With our power conditioners:
    •    Your sound gets better sounding, less audible noise which can be interpreted by you as listening fatigue. Really, you hear it as a quieter background at the speakers of your stereo or even computer system ( Great for computer based audio systems - Like a music server. )
    •    Your high resolution TV /Monitor/ display screen looks cleaner - more defined to its potential. Yes, you can see it. Everything just looks better.
    •    your AC Power is protected by the voltage protection that this power conditioner provides - that's its other function - protection circuits.
The Sequoia Sapling is the perfect product for those who recognizance the importance and necessity of Clean AC power.

The entire circuit in the equipment also is designed to include gas tube arrestors with varistor technology for lightning protection.

    •    Dual 20 Amp magnetic-hydraulic Circuit Breaker and power switch protects both hot and neutral lines. - World standard power conditioner.
    •    4 Hubbell 20 amp duplexes with added separate mini conditioners and isolator circuit cards.
    •    OR 7 individual 20 amp PowerCon locking AC power outputs.
    •    Standard input AC power is handled by a 20 Amp Hubbell IEC. ( Future units will offer the 32 Amp PowerCon input as standard - Hubbell 20 amp as optional )
    •    Standard power cord is a Heavy Basic Power cord 20 Amp We make with Hubbell NEMA and 20 Amp Hubbell IEC or the powerCon 32
    •    Certified Vishay Capacitors X an Y mode as appropriate.
    •    Rails internally rated to over 20 amp.
    •    BIFROST integration to protect from over-voltage conditions.
    •    Gastube and M.O.V. Lightning protection circuits.
    •    star grounding Each duplex has its own ground lead.
    •    The NEMA Duplexes or PowerCon locking system with mini filter boards are replaceable.
    •    Soldered with Cardas Quad Eutectic at all junctions to the beefy Printed Circuit Card.
    •    Stable rubber feet.

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