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UltraBit Platinum Plus

New improved Optical Impedance Matching™ treatment for all laser-read media and Friction Reduced Technology for Vinyl™.  And yes you read correctly, it's the first product ever that enhances the playback and fidelity of both laser-read media and vinyl records!

Reduced Friction Technology

The law of the conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  A turntable motor imparts energy to the turntable’s platter, mat, record clamp, and the vinyl record.  The energy of the motor is either converted to friction (heat) between the stylus and the groove of the vinyl record, or is converted to energy that’s dissipated by the tone arm, turntable base, and the movement of the cantilever.  The movement of the stylus is converted (transduced) into an electrical signal that’s ultimately converted back into the mechanical energy of the speakers producing the sound we hear.  UltraBit Platinum-Plus (UBP-P) reduces friction between stylus and vinyl, and UPB-P is a stylus treatment. Less friction = less heat  = more sound = more music.  Additionally, less heat with less stylus mistracking = longer groove and stylus life, and which would you prefer, heat or sound?

We at Digital Systems & Solutions believe that UltraBit Platinum-Plus a very substantial improvement over UtraBit Platinum™ in many ways.  Firstly, it's water based and has almost no odor.  Secondly, it's only applied to the playing/recording of the disc one time with one squirt and takes only 10 to 15 seconds to apply and buff.  Some users will also want to apply UBP-P to the disc's label and edges (rims).  Thirdly, and most importantly I and my beta testers think that in many instances it's dramatically better that UltraBit Platinum™(UBP) and that much of the improved musicality is immediately audible.  It will sell for $87 rather than the $65 that UBP sold for but instead of treating 500 discs it will treat approximate 850 to 1,000 discs so instead of costing 13 cents per treatment it costs at most 10.25 cents per treatment.  We've raised the no questions asked money back guaranty from $5 to $10 plus the purchase price and shipping both ways.  A copy of a CD or compilation disc that has both the original CD(s) and CD-R treated with UBP-P before burning has such an amazing improvement that using the resultant CD-Rs in demonstrations will almost be like cheating because they may sound so much different and better than any other laser-read media.  The UBP-P kits with CleanDisc™ will now sell for $103 instead of $81 due to the $22 price increase of UBP-P over UBP.  But as usual UBP-P is available separately for the aforementioned $87.  And don't forget that even though you may only be applying UBP-P the playing/recording surface of a disc if its edges or label has a treatment then that treatment needs to be removed before applying UBP-P.
We understand the concern of all vinyl record users about long term harm to their very precious vinyl records or styli.  I've been working on almost identical formulations from 1988 when I had planed to bring out Finyl the Vinyl Solution™ but although it worked great for me but because I didn't think that it was quite user friendly enough, so it wasn't ready for primetime and CDs seemed to be the hot new media on the block I put it on the back burner ,so to speak, and instead brought out Finyl the CD Solution™ that's known as Finyl the Digital Solution™ which was a completely different formulation for CDs only.  I've been using various older versions of Finyl the Vinyl Solution on my most beloved vinyl for over 20 years and my vinyl records with 100 to 200 plays are in better condition than most other audiophile's records with only 10 to 20 plays.  So now that I've made it user friendly enough for primetime I can guaranty that it won't harm vinyl records or styli but to the contrary will very substantially extend their useful life.

- Water based, no alcohol or ammonia
- Safe for CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray, and vinyl records
- 850 to 1,000 applications per 2oz bottle


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