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Onzow's Zerodust is one of the safest ways to clean your stylus of dust and other debris. Made from a soft, rubber-like polymer, the Zerodust's rounded surface is slightly tacky. The stylus is lowered onto the surface of the Zerodust and then slowly raised. Dust, hair and other particles are left stuck to the Zerodust and the stylus is clean.

Because Zerodust is so easy to use and is non-abrasive, we recommend using it on every side-change of a record. This keeps the stylus free of debris and your records free of noisy particles.

Zerodust is easily cleaned by removing it from its case and simply rinsing it under warm water and allowing it to air-dry for 24hrs. It is not recommended to attempt to dry the Zerodust with cloths, paper towels, etc.

The Zerodust comes in a protective plastic case with a small magnifying glass built into the lid. This may be used to examine the stylus or to investigate the debris which Zerodust has removed from the stylus.

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