MT502 Mk 2 MC Step-up Transformer

by Bellari


Bellari mt502

The bellari mt502 is a matching transformer that raises the low level of a moving coil cartridge up to a moving magnet level, making your moving coil cartridge compatible with a moving magnet phono preamp.

The mt502 is all hand-built in the USA with 100% USA-made parts, right down to its custom hand-wound transformers and custom-made chassis. The mt502 is as much art as it is audiophile performance.

We designed the mt502 with a no-compromise mentality, utilizing only the best components. With its 24k gold plated jacks and transformers, military grade double sided glass circuit board, extra heavy gauge steel chassis, and powder-coated red finish, the mt502 truly makes a statement in audio perfection.

Feature list

  • RCA inputs
  • RCA outputs
  • lift/ground switch
  • impedance level control
  • powder-coated steel chassis

Technical specifications

  • input impedance: 50-100 Ohms
  • output impedance:50k Ohms
  • thd:.02% @ 1KHz

Product specifications

  • w4 x h1.1 x d4
  • 2 lbs.

Bellari MT502 Mk 2 MC Step-up Transformer


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