Ultimate U12 Tonearm

by Tri-Planar

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Tri-Planar's first new tonearm design in over 40 years, the Tri-Planar U12 tonearm offers improved resolution, detail, dynamic range and provides a 27% angular error reduction over similar 9″ tonearms (17% over 10" tonearms).  The 12" U12 has the same effective mass as the 9" and 10" versions of the tonearm, making it a drop-in replacement for those 'arms and the cartridges used with them.


12″ (308.8mm) effective length

Carbon fiber composite coaxial damped arm tube

Gimbal bearing design which enables the bearing to be positioned at record height

Structural components are hand-polished and rounded to control resonance

Tonearm rest integrated with damping trough to reduce resonance

Avionic bearings

Damped headshell

Pure silver teflon coated internal tonearm wiring  

Clamping yoke design that firmly couples the arm tube to the bearing tube yet allowing azimuth adjustment

Progressive anti-skating design

Azimuth adjustable

VTA adjustable

Sophisticated system of decoupled counter-weights, allowing proper stylus force for any cartridge without altering effective mass

Available in black or silver


Type: gimbal-bearing tonearm

Effective length (pivot to stylus distance): 308.8mm 

Pivot-to-spindle distance: 296.6mm

Overhang: 13.2mm

Offset angle: 17.62°

Effective mass: 13g



Mk VII U2 Tonearm

Mk VII U2 Tonearm




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