Quantum Plug (Single)

by HiFi Tuning


Countless hours of research and development into the audio and video applications for Quantum Physics have resulted in a totally new design: the Hifi-Tuning Quantum Plug.

The Quantum Plug actually incorporates two circuits: one for low frequencies and another for high frequencies. The result? A more analog-like sound with deeper, richer-sounding lows and a more natural midrange.

The best location for the HiFi-Tuning Quantum Plug is on an unused outlet in the AC line filter or distribution strip for your A/V equipment. For best results insert the Quantum plug in an available AC outlet. The full effect will develop in 30-60 minutes.

While electricity propagates at nearly light speed, individual electrons move far more slowly. In something akin to the jostling of bumper-cars, they create noise while passing through the boundaries of the crystals that make up conductors. The Quantum Plug, through introduction of very low level (quantum level) noise or dither, reduces this higher level "propagation noise" through "alignment" of this electron flow. This allows the power supplies in your audio (or video) components to operate more efficiently, and the result is improved performance.

It won't matter whether the system is analog or digital, and the effect is room  -sized, so everything in the system will be affected.

The largest audible effects are an improvement of front to back layering within the soundstage, and more natural mids and highs. High resolution video monitors will also benefit from better color saturation and sharper images.

HIFi Tuning Quantum Plug


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